How to Create a Flagship Product Customers Want to Buy

How to Create a Flagship Product Customers Want to Buy

Your Print-on-Demand business now has its first major piece: the audience. In the last lesson, you researched your evergreen niche and now it’s time to learn how to develop a flagship product. Watch the video, then head to the resource section to start working on your product!


  • Your Print-on-Demand fulfillment service is important step in the process of building your business. Take a look at the top three recommended fulfillment services to see which products you’d like to sell. In Module 3, you’ll get a step-by-step walk through of how to use the fulfillment service.

Resources for Artwork:

Adobe Photoshop is a great option if you own it already, or have access to it. Though the learning curve and time investment is high. If you’re new to design, we suggest you use one of the recommendations below that is easy to use and less expensive.

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