The 3 Key Elements to Review

Reviewing the performance (or effectiveness) of your advertising campaign will ideally become a daily task to build your business.

Reach: the total number of people you have reached with your ads.

Impression: the total number of times your ad has been seen. One person can see your ad multiple times.

Frequency: the number of times a person sees your ad. If you have 100,000 impressions with a reach of 20,000, that means your frequency is 5.

Your frequency will help dictate your budget. Here’s a few recommendations. For product page retargeting, you’ll want to see frequency between 2 and 6. For cart abandonment retargeting, you’ll want to see a frequency between 4 and 8. For your loyalty, you’ll want to aim for a frequency between 8 and 12.

Cost Per Purchase: how much it costs you to get a customer to buy. You’re essentially buying purchases so your goal is to buy those purchases for as little as possible.

Demographic Data is a powerful way to see who your audience really is. You can see gender, location, and age breakdown on Facebook so that you can start focusing your efforts on the most profitable audiences.

Since you’re spending your hard earned money on ads, you’ll want to ensure they are performing.

✅ Watch the video to learn the three key elements to review the performance of your ads.

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