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You’re in the right place to learn the fundamentals of Google Advertising for Ecommerce.

🏆 The goal of this course is to set up Google Ads and implement three strategies to start making more sales.

✅ Watch the video to meet your instructor Daniel Patricio and discover the opportunity to advertise with Google Ads! You can also check out his business built on Shopify: Bull and Cleaver.

How to Take This Course:

  • You can take the course in any order you choose, though if you’re new to Shopify and Google Ads we recommend going through the course in order.
  • You can speed up videos by clicking the toggle and choosing your video speed.
  • You can turn closed captioning on or off by clicking the CC button, beside the volume. 
  • There are links to downloadable content and curated resources throughout the course. It’s highly recommend that you download the additional content and complete it to help you take action on what you learned.


If you have questions about the course or building your business, contact us 24/7 via Shopify Support.

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