Content Curation vs. Content Creation

Content Curation vs. Content Creation

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By sharing other people’s high quality images, you can elevate your unknown brand. A high quality look and feel can communicate a sense of professionalism and success. High quality product photography can be expensive, so curating content from across the web can be a better option.

How to Save Images on Your Phone:

  • Save the image from Google Images or Pinterest (simply ensure you know who created the content to credit them).
  • Avoid ‘screenshotting’ images as much as possible as it degrades the quality of the image (if you must, use the biggest screen possible to get the image).
  • You can use an app like Repost (there’s a free and paid version available) to save an image from Instagram or to save from your desktop.

Curation Etiquette for Tagging:

  • Directly tag the photo with the original content creators’ post
  • Add a “📸 by @theirhandle” in your caption or share that the photos is by @theirhandle in the caption

Example of a Curated Image from @smtofficial (one of Gretta’s ecommerce companies):

As you can see, the photo is tagged and @adikosh123 is also tagged in the comments to give her credit for her work.

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