How to Reach Out and Brief an Influencer

How to Reach Out and Brief an Influencer

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In this lesson, you’ll learn the right way to connect with influencers so they say YES to representing your brand.

Best Practices to Work with Influencers:

  • Make the reach out as personalized as possible.
  • Include why you decided to reach out to them and why they’re a good fit for your brand.
  • Authentic compliments are a nice touch!
  • Introduce your brand and how you’re different. This helps give them the language to talk to their audience about you.
  • Don’t offer ‘exposure’ in the place of payment. It’s offensive.
  • Don’t make it too long, they don’t have all day to read about you. Get to the point.
  • Use email for the initial outreach. You can DM them on Instagram as well to touch base and mention your email.

How to Pay an Influencer:

  • PayPal is the easiest method so you can make international payments. I pay the influencer first, and then they post. (Refer to the pricing chart in Module 4, Lesson 3 to get a sense of pricing)

Examples of Campaign Briefs:


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