Traffic: Customer Acquisition

“Hey, I got 80 visitors to my store and no sales! What am I doing wrong?” Watch the video to learn how to solve that challenge.



  • Paid advertising (FB, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube)
  • Influencer marketing (Instagram, YouTube, Blog)
  • Affiliate marketing (ShareASale, your own platform)
  • Content marketing (Your own: blog, YT channel, podcast)
  • Communities (Reddit, FB groups, forums)

Each one of the above topics could be there own course (and they likely will in the future). So right now the most important thing to remember is to take action to try different marketing methods to see which one works for you. How do you determine what will work? The answer is simple: test until you find what works. Test channels, ads, strategies, offers, and products.

Behind every great dropshipping business is an entrepreneur that was willing to test until they found their profitable niche and audience.

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