Point and Shoot Camera: Products on White (Intermediate)

Point and Shoot Camera: Products on White (Intermediate)

If you have a point and shoot camera (also known as a compact camera) that perhaps you purchased for a vacation or an event, it can be a great option to also take your product photos.

In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your point and shoot camera (including technical aspects)
  • How to place your product in front of the camera (to avoid distortion)
  • How to focus and adjust lighting to get the perfect shot
  • How to use white cards or black cards to bounce light
  • How to take and assess the photograph to see if it’s useable for a Shopify store
  • Side by side comparison of Cell-Phone to Point and Shoot


  • Lightroom Classic is recommended to taking and evaluating photos. This is a paid app for $9.99 USD per month. Yes, it’s an investment, though it will save you time and money when you take your photos.
  • Pixelz.com: On-demand retouching or Pixc: Ecommerce Photo editing done for you
  • Product Photography Definitions

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