Tutorials for food & drink businesses

Food & drink businesses: pickup, delivery and shipping options

In this video, you’ll learn 3 key tips for selling specialty food online:

  1. Offering local delivery & pickup
  2. The logistics of shifting focus
  3. Safe shipping

You’ll also get useful advice from established food and drink businesses, including how to:

  • Gain work/life balance by offering pickup during hours that are reasonable for you.
  • Use durable shipping materials for anything fragile by using boxes that are twice as strong as what you think you might need.
  • Do it yourself for deliveries.
  • Communicate on multiple platforms for shipping methods and updates.
  • Change it up by adjusting existing business models or adding new products to your catalogue.
  • Do research so you’re offering the best shipping options to keep goods safe and fresh.
  • Try something, try anything to help you lean into the uncertainty of right now.You can then keep what works, and explore other options for what doesn’t.