Tutorials for virtual service businesses

How to communicate your brand through the screen

Hiding behind a logo is a thing of the past. Today, people want to know the face behind the brand.

In this video you’ll learn 5 key secrets to creating visuals that make your brand stand out through the screen:

  1. Know your brand personality. What is the tone and energy of your brand, and what emotions are you trying to evoke in your audience?

  2. Know what types of photos you want before you start shooting. Have examples of exactly the kinds of photos you want to capture, so you’re not capturing the same photos over and over.

  3. Always start with the end in mind and know exactly what you want these photos used for. Are they for your website? Instagram? Your product page? Have a clear game plan and create a shot list before you get on set.

  4. Brand yourself inside your shoot by putting yourself front and centre. Don’t forget to incorporate your brand colors!

  5. Bring a team the day of the photoshoot. It’s important to have, at the very least, a professional photographer and stylist, or merchandiser, to make the day run smoothly and for your brand to shine through the screen.