How to get journalists and bloggers to write about you

How to get journalists and bloggers to write about you

Great PR can shift your business in the best way. So how do you get journalists and bloggers to write about your business?

Here’s how:

  • The goal.Getting your story in front of people is a chance to enrich your brand’s story and become top of mind. If you’re trying to score free advertising, it’ll be an uphill battle and you’ll lose credibility with journalists quickly.
  • Your story. Journalists and bloggers look for stories. So what’s yours? Think about your angle and what will resonate with readers. Basically, make it easy for journalists to say yes.
  • The storyteller. Be where your audience is. That might mean connecting with a local reporter who covers the food scene in your city. Or an industry enthusiast who keeps a weekly blog.
  • Pitch it. Keep your email pitch brief, make it personal and explain why you’re reaching out, your story and why their readers might care about this story. Journalists and bloggers are busy people, so give them space but be sure to follow up.
  • Be a resource. Building relationships with journalists and bloggers is important. When they need a comment or background on an industry, they’ll reach out to you as the expert.

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