Launch day checklist

Launch day checklist

If you’re watching this video, it probably means you are close to launching your site. Congrats!

This tutorial runs through the key settings you need to adjust before launching, so that everything runs smoothly. We’ll mainly focus on the check out settings, along with some best practices we recommend:

  • Change the look and feel of your checkout page so it accurately reflects your brand.

  • Choose your preference for customer checkout accounts.

  • Adjust your abandoned checkout email settings.

  • Choose the contact method that your customers will use to checkout and receive updates, like their phone number or email address.

  • Enable tipping as an option during checkout.

  • Enable an opt-in option for email marketing.

  • Determine which form fields you need from your customers at checkout.

  • Adjust the flow for how an order is fulfilled and archived in the order processing section.

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